All Elmwood buildings and apartments are in the SE Como and Marcy Holmes Neighborhoods near Van Cleve Park about 4 blocks to the University of Minnesota East Bank campus.

All buildings are secure, clean, carefully-maintained, quiet and private.

The Como Neighborhood in Minneapolis (also called Southeast Como) is just north of the Dinkytown commercial area and the East Bank campus of the University of the Minnesota. The neighborhood is home to convenience grocery stores (including one with a laundromat and deli) and a number of small businesses, including a hardware store, a barber, a dentist, coffee houses, bar/restaurants, a diner, an electronics repair shop, a resale shop, three printers, a car parts store, several auto repair garages, and several gas stations.

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1100 Como Ave SE


1313 Como Ave SE


1410 Rollins Ave SE


1701-1725 Elm St SE


1720 Rollins Ave SE


1724-1732 Rollins Ave SE


817 12th Ave SE


918 17th Ave SE


924 17th Ave SE


837 15th Ave SE


823 15th Ave SE


1040 Como Ave SE


829 15th Ave SE

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